Bolinger Family

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I will begin with a list of Bolinger ancestors.  With Daniel Bollinger/Bolliger of Rüd, Switzerland, having been the earliest ancestor that I have identified, my father, Dwight Bolinger, was the tenth.  (Follow the link in his name to a website in his memory.)

  • Dwight Bolinger, 1907, Topeka, Kansas–1992, Palo Alto, California
  • Arthur J. Bolinger, February 2, 1881, Longton, Elk County, Kansas–May 10, 1977, Versailles, Missouri
  • William H. Bolinger, 1844, Sharpsburg, MD–1928, Topeka, Kansas
  • Johann Gottlieb (John G.) Bolinger, 1816, Walheim-1894, Springfield, Ill.
  • Johann Jacob Bollinger, 1785, Walheim–1860, Hagerstown, MD
  • Conrad Bollinger, 1754, Walheim–1814, Walheim
  • Johann Conrad Bollinger, 1721, Walheim–1800, Walheim
  • Johann Jacob Bollinger, 1688, Walheim–1756, Walheim
  • Johann Rudolph Bollinger, ca. 1651, Rüd–1732, Walheim
  • Daniel Bollinger (Bolliger), ca. 1643-?, Rüd

Note that the spelling of the family name changed from Bolliger to Bollinger and then to Bolinger.  Johann Rudolph and Daniel Bollinger/Bolliger came from Rüd, a tiny village in the northern Swiss canton of Aargau, moving to Walheim, in the Kingdom of Württemberg, later a part of Germany.  The next five generations were born in Walheim.  Johann Jacob Bollinger, 1785-1860, took the family to America where he settled in Hagerstown, Maryland.  His son, Johann Gottlieb (John G.) Bolinger, moved to Sharpsburg, Maryland and then took his family west to Springfield, Illinois.  Further details will be spelled out in other pages of this website.