This website about the Bolinger Family History was started on Nov. 20, 2017.  It complements the http://www.dwightbolinger.net/ website about my father, Dwight Bolinger.

My research on the family history began in the 1960s and continued, on and off, through the 1990s.  On the Bolinger side, I was able to trace our origins back to 1660 in Rüd, Switzerland.  The spelling of the family name was Bolliger in Switzerland, then Bollinger in Walheim, Württemberg, Germany, and, finally, Bolinger in America.  I am guessing that the addition of the “n” in Germany may have been to make it more like the name of the champagne.  The loss of one “l” occurred about 1840 after the family had already been here for two decades.  I suspect the the change was intended to retain the original pronunciation.

Other branches of the family are the Moeren and Olders families.  I will be adding information about them.

I would be interested in corresponding with family members and can be reached at bcbolinger at comcast.net.   My mailing address is:

  • Bruce Bolinger
  • 229 Success Mine Loop
  • Grass Valley, CA 95945